Becoming a Love Boo Wholesaler!

Looking for Aligned PAWtners

Hello, kindred spirits! I'm Boo, the heart and soul behind Love Boo – The Label. In this journey of spreading unconditional love, I don't just PAWtner with anyone. Only those extraordinary brands that align with my mission to share unconditional love and joy get my enthusiastic paw of approval. If your brand is committed to spreading the BOOtiful message of unconditional love and you're ready to make a real impact, then you're the kind of PAWtner Love Boo is searching for. Let's join paws and make the world a better, warmer place together! Love Boo

Bulk Discounts and Flexible Payment Terms

Greetings, savvy retailers! At Love Boo, we believe in making your wholesale experience as delightful as a belly rub. Enjoy exclusive bulk discounts when you choose to stock up on the love. We understand the imPAWtance of flexibility, too – that's why we offer customizable payment terms (just email us at Let's make it easy for you to bring Love Boo's heartwarming products to your customers. Collab-BOO-ration is at the heart of everything we do, so join us and let's create tail-wagging moments while ensuring your business thrives! Love Boo

Marketing Support and Resources 

Hey there, potential partners! It's Boo, your favorite love advocate. When you join hands with Love Boo, you're not just gaining incredible products; you're tapping into a community of over 26K love enthusiasts on Instagram. Imagine the power of having Boo's charming presence endorsing your brand! We offer marketing support, shoutouts and resources through Boo's Instagram platform to elevate your brand. Let's create a buzz together and spread the love to every corner. Ready for a paw-sitively amazing PAWtnership? Love Boo