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Full-of-Love Suppawt for over 30K pawrents on a Mental Wellness journey!

Matching Dog and Hooman Accessories with Heart

Hello, dear Hooman!

Wanna know something paws-itively amazing?

Changing the world is a lot simpler than you think...
to spread ❤️ unconditional love ❤️ and joy
(plus, rock some fab matching Hooman accessories and FURiend ID tags handmade in small batches by my Hooman)

My paw-some products aren't just stylish – they're smashing those "scary dog" stereotypes and spreading my BIG BOOtiful Mental Wellness message.

With a rough start in life, I'm on a mission to rewrite the rules for Pawrents and their FURbabies everywhere.

Shake things up with me in the best way possible!

Wear Love Boo, cos I Love You 🐶❤️🐾


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100% designed and hand crafted in Australia

All info COMING SOON here

Hand crafted Full-of-Love in small batches by my Hooman

All info COMING SOON here

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Tatum - The Social Dog Company

Love Boo - The Label goes beyond being a mere brand; it’s a movement connecting the affection for dogs with enhancing mental well-being. It serves as a catalyst, empowering individuals with mental health conditions to lead happier and more confident lives. This social enterprise is a long-overdue addition to the world!

Full-of-Love ❤️ Full-of-Love 🐶
Hello, dear Hooman

Join my BOOtiful Mental Wellness Movement Full-of-Love!


So much love for you and your mumma ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for sharing your journey ❤️ I love you guys


😍😍😍 Boo you make me smile EVERYDAY love you Boo!!!

I went searching and found something ... that Love is the answer!

💪🏼 What an epic journey…

Hello dear, BOOtiful Hooman. I'm so glad you are here!

I'm Boo, and guess how I went from anxious to abundant? Unconditional love, of course!

Being rescued from tough beginnings, I know what it's like to struggle, and so does my Hooman. She is neurodiverse, is Autistic and has ADHD (wow - the works!) She also had a tough start in life like me, so we both know the darkness and what it takes to turn things around.

As a big dog with even bigger dreams, helping Hoomans become aware of the power of their

❤️ unconditional love ❤️

is my ✨true mission✨ in this one wonderful life.

After creating an amazingly PAWsome Full-of-Love community as a Pupfluencer on Instagram, I thought that there was more to give to my floofer FURiends, BOOtiful Hoomans and the world.

So Love Boo - The Label was born.

This label is all about redefining big dog stigmas, putting a positive emphasis on mental well-being and celebrating the magic of the dog and Hooman connection.

Why these fings never go on sale, EVER

Here's the special part: I believe so strongly in the value of my mission that Love Boo - The Label never goes on sale, EVER. I'm committed to making a lasting impact in this world through pure, honest high vibes


❤️ unconditional love ❤️

I give you the lowest possible price all year round.

My Hoomum has worked in design for retail for a long time... and has first hand experience around how most retail brands price their products (for mark down at some point).

I BOOlieve fair prices all year round is, well... fair!

Better for your pocket and better for the planet!

I design, build, plan out and have priced my products to their true value. I do not price my products with margin for sales periods. This ensures peace of mind, all year round, for my BOOtiful Full-of-Love community.

Full-of-Love product for Mental Wellness

By supPAWting Love Boo - The Label, you're not just getting a pawsome fing created Full-of-Love; you're also supPAWting our mission to bring awareness to Mental Wellness.

Now... Don't wait! Jump on board!

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Join the Love Boo movement:

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Love Boo 🐶❤️🐾