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Love, Joy and Connection are the Greatest Healers

❤️Love Boo The Label ❤️
is more than just a brand;
it's a celebration of the unconditional love that binds us together. 

We believe in the power of unconditional love and joy to transform lives and make the world a better place.

Our label shines a spotlight on three core pillars:
🐶❤️ enhancing positive mental wellbeing
🐶❤️ breaking scary dog stigmas
🐶❤️ and spreading unconditional love

Just like me, you might have experienced moments where you felt lost, anxious, and unsure about the path ahead.

Life can often feel like a complex maze, filled with unexpected challenges.

But remember, every step you take is a part of your unique journey, and the openness to share your story... paves the way and inspires others to connect too.

Be unconditionally loving towards yourself and let yourself bask in the joy.

In the Love Boo space I invite you to be open to share your struggles and I promise to always listen and love without judgment.

Full-of-Love ❤️ Full-of-Love 🐶

Resilient Rescue Dog

💣 I have a truth bomb for you...

Hello dear FUR-iends! I'm Boo.

My journey is a testament to the power of
❤️unconditional love ❤️
the power of resilience, and the unbreakable bond between dogs and their Hoomans!

With the support of my Hoomum, I've come a long way from my tough beginnings in life, as a neglected and abused rescue puppy, terrified of the world - and I want to share my story with you.

To tell you the truth life hasn't always been easy for me or my Hoomum.

We both know what it's like to face the darkness and adversity.

I have had the struggles of being a mistreated rescue dog, which still to this day has me moving through life with some caution and uncertainty. Likewise, my Hoomum grew up experiencing domestic violence and neglect - exasperated by her undiagnosed neurodiversity (having ADHD and being Autistic). Her mental health struggles have at times been severe.

Although our beginnings were marked by uncertainty, neglect, and pain, we truly believe that when our heart breaks it never really breaks apart (it actually breaks open) allowing for unconditional love to be let in.

Today, we stand here with hearts full of gratitude and love and with the unwavering hope that our story allows others to tell theirs and move out of the fear from judgement.

Big BOOtiful Community Full-of-Love

❤️ BOOtiful Bond ❤️

My dream is to bring unconditional love and connection to the world.

When we communicate and bond, we don't feel alone.

My mission is to shine a light on BOOtiful dog and Hooman connection, healing hearts through joy and giving back to communities and organisations that need supPAWt and resources❤️

If you're feeling down - flip through my instagram reels (and read the captions), my Hoomum does most nights 🙋‍♀️❤️

Love Boo 🐶❤️

The Full-of-Love Search is on

Every month I’m on a search for a pure Full-of-Love floofer to feature on my socials!

(We'll be getting them all up on the blog over the next while too!)

Do you have what it takes to be a Full-Of-Love FURiend of The Month!? 🐶❤️

All you need is love (and fur) 😘

Jump on my instagram @love_boo_official to find out how YOU can enter!

The winner will be posted on my Full-of-Love Feed next month! 🎉❤️🎉❤️

Love Boo 🐶❤️

Collab-BOO-ration at my ❤️

Collab-Boo-ration is truly at my heart... because I believe there is always enough for everyone.

I want to hear your story!

Give me a holla at info@loveboo.co (or DM me on Instagram!) we could do a "FaceTime" collab reel!

Don't forget to tag me on the socials for your chance to be featured!


Love Boo 🐶❤️

Hello, dear Hooman

Join my BOOtiful Movement Full-of-Love!

Mental Health and My Hoomum

Here is a little message from my Hoomum:

"Hello, BOOtiful FURiends of Boo.

I'm Boo's Hoomum, Elle.

I'm here to talk about my personal struggles... in hopes that it will make you feel like it's ok to open up and talk about anything you are struggling with.

I know that it can be hard and uncomfortable, but if we don't try - things will never change.

I am Creative Director and founder of
From The Clouds Creative

When I started FTC I was severely struggling with my mental health. I struggled my whole life really... But you know, I was just "too sensitive" or "too much". I didn't fit in... but I guess I was born to stand out..!

Back at the start of my entrepreneurial journey I was going through (another - albeit a little smaller) patch of postnatal depression, just after my second born
(thank you hormones 🤣)."

My true superpower

More from Hoomum; "I had no idea that I had ADHD, Sensory Sensitivity or Autism… Actually I knew nothing about neurodiversity, my nervous system, how much what I put in my body affected my sensitive body and brain (and zero tools to navigate through it…)

My mental health condition has never affected my work, but has dramatically affected my quality of life, especially before I received a proper diagnosis and gained support.

I've finally realised that I'm here on this earth to be a healer and connector... as so is Boo. So I'm sharing my story, unfiltered, to do so.

It has taken some time but I now am fully aware that my neurodiverse and very "different" mind is my true superpower. It is why I have an unlimited bank of creative flow, how I can see and build systems and draw parallels between somewhat separate elements. It’s why I have an incredibly empathetic side, because I know the impossible depths you can get to when you are fully in struggle, darkness and mental pain.

I now have proper lenses to look through and a new found confidence and acceptance for who I am, and a huge drive to #breakthestigma around #mentalhealth and #neurodiversity

I hope you love what we have created here, just as much as Boo and I.

P.S. Have your own special mission you want to bring to the world? I'm a Designer & Business Owner and I understand how tough it can be. Contact me on the link below on the From The Clouds website.

Thank you for being here

Stay Magical, Elle x "

Every individual is deserving of love

Strong Hearts Animal Sanctuary saved me - now I want to help them.

Strong Hearts is on a mission to bring uncondtional love to every BOOtiful being, celebrating the special individuals they are (just like me) Full-of-Love.

At Strong Hearts ❤️love❤️ knows no boundaries. These BOOtiful Hoomans are true superheroes - flipping the script on farmed, abandoned, lost and forgotten animals.

They believe that every snout, beak, or hoof has a unique story to tell and is an individual deserving of uncondtional love.

My mission involves bringing awareness to the incredible individuals, the unsung heroes, dedicating themselves to animal rescue - the ones tirelessly immersed in the hands-on work, navigating the mental challenges and rollercoasters of emotions.

You can help too!

These Hoomans have big hearts

Strong Hearts Animal Sanctuary Saved Me

If it wasn't for Strong Hearts Animal Sanctuary, I wouldn't be here today. In October 2022, Strong Hearts rescued me from a property near Melbourne, Australia, along with my littermates and many other animals. I was starving, abused and a mere few weeks old, requiring two surgeries on my neck. Taken to a loving foster carer, I was given a new shot at this one wonderful life.

Strong Hearts Sanctuary is a not-for-profit animal rescue run entirely by BOOtiful, hardworking volunteer Hoomans and donations. Would you join their mission, BOOtiful Hooman?

👇🏼 You can:👇🏼
Sponsor an animal (or Hooman carer!)
Engage with their socials! Like, share and follow!
(this has a huge positive impact!)

Dive into the paw-sibility of life, love and joy

Join the PAWsome Strong Hearts party!

Established by sisters Michayla and Jess, the Sanctuary began as a rescue for farmed animals and has since expanded to include dogs, cats and recently, rabbits.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the sanctuary is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges faced by farmed animals, promoting individual recognition for these animals and advocating for adoption.

The sanctuary operates a farm for animals' rehabilitation and adoption, while relying on foster carers around Melbourne for dogs, cats and rabbits awaiting adoption.

So here we go BOOtiful Hooman… Let's love our way to a brighter future! With your help Strong Hearts can save more lives like mine.

Make a tax-deductible donation now to make a BIG BOOtiful impact, where every dollar goes towards an animal rescued from kill-lists. 

Love Boo 🐶❤️